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248 Modern Flies & How To Tie Them

This 200 page book is brought to your from the makers of Trout & Salmon and Trout Fisherman. 

Catching a fish on a fly you’ve tied is one of the most rewarding aspects of our sport. The satisfaction is everlasting. For those that have yet to take to the vice this book will help you to achieve that goal. With its wealth of modern flies and a few traditional stalwarts, this collection of flies will satisfy the modern game-fishers’ every needs. Even if you don’t tie flies this book will keep you up-to-date with the flies of the modern era. 

We start the book with basic introductions to hook and fly anatomy and the basic tools and materials to get you started. We then cover the basic techniques including applying thread to a hook, the whip finish and everything in-between: such as hackling, dubbing and ribbing. What follows is a huge selection of flies with dressings and easy-to-follow sequences designed to inspire you. We’ve broken it down into colour-coded categories covering stillwater trout flies, river trout and grayling flies and flies for salmon and sea-trout fishing.

The flies have all been featured in Trout & Salmon and Trout Fisherman magazines over the last two decades and represent many of the most successful patterns from game-fishing’s finest anglers. Whether you’re experienced or new to this art, we hope this book inspires you to tie these flies, and also encourages you to create many more new and exciting patterns.

248 Modern Flies & How To Tie Them