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Classic Cars: Investment Guide 2019

The Investment Guide 2019: The top 83 Classics tipped for growth this year by our panel of market insiders

The Classic Car Investment Guide 2019 brings together all of our expert buying tips from the past 12 issues of Classic Cars magazine. That’s 83 life-enhancing classics that our panel of industry insiders think will grow in value. As well as Classic Cars’ resident car buying guru, Quentin Willson, they include market specialists from top auction houses, a dealership, a broker and a classic car finance expert. 

On top of that we’ve included market trend analysis for 12 selected classics and price guide data for 1421 cars.
So, whether you want to buy the classic of your dreams while you can still afford it, or like the idea of buying cars that will grow enough to cover your ownership costs and then some, our guide is essential reading for 2019.

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Classic Cars: Investment Guide 2019