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Practical Photography February 2018

The February 2018 issue of Practical Photography is on its way! Here’s what you can look forward to…

Free gifts: Exclusive Lightroom presets with 25 toning effects, 13 hi-res replacement skies, 60 minutes of brilliant camera and editing how-to videos, 32 pages of creative Photoshop step-by-steps, and an updated camera buying guide.

One-hour photo projects: Strapped for time? Fear not! We’ve got nine amazing camera and editing projects designed to take 60 minutes or less. From rustic kitchen utensils and swinging torches to scanner art and fantasy composites, we’ve got one-hour photo challenges for all tastes.

DIY presentation ideas: Transfer your favourite photos onto canvas prints, create scratch card-inspired instant prints, and make a beautiful photo lantern. Who needs Kirstie Allsopp when you’ve got Practical Photography’s Louise Carey?

Photoshop Genius: Retouch your RAW portraits in Lightroom, make a fantasy composite, replace overexposed skies, create striking silhouettes, time-stack a landscape, and many more step-by-steps. 

Camera know-how: Take a detailed look at your camera’s autofocus and find out how you can take control of AF settings to ensure your shots are always sharp.

Get into gear: In-depth reviews of the latest cameras, including Sony’s eagerly anticipated A9, Fujifilm’s super-stylish X-E3, and Olympus’ updated E-M10 MkIII. Plus, the ten best entry-level DSLRs go head-to-head.

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Practical Photography February 2018