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Practical Photography January 2019

Inside the January 2019 issue of Practical Photography, you will find:
  • Give your images a dramatic new look with 25 royalty-free textures, create a personalised 2019 calendar with our custom templates, watch and learn with 60 minutes of new camera and editing videos, and much more
  • From modernist minimalism to classical extravagance, we’ve got five creative table-top projects designed to make you look at everyday household objects in a whole new way.
  • Having spent eight years photographing his local badger population, Andrew Mason talks us through the trials and tribulations of his long-term project. Also, we talk to Instagram star Martina Gebarovska about her epic travel images.
  • Take a closer look at file formats and learn why high-quality JPEGs are a great alternative to RAWs when you want to cut down on editing time.
  • How to use vintage lenses on modern cameras, understand aspect ratio, is there a future for CompactFlash memory cards? And easy ways to get bokeh, flare and starbursts.
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Practical Photography January 2019